“Change is the only constant thing in the universe”. This famous saying truly applies to our lives. Few years back, when the body was robotically following a similar schedule of a corporate job and when the minds were busy in strategizing about appraisal meets and performance ratings; the explorer subconscious was conspiring something else with the adventurous soul.

Time changed…things changed… and we landed amidst nature, leaving the concrete jungle behind. It was when, the story of TRANGLE began…


Why we named it Trangle

It was a kind of competition, when each of us was on internet to find an innovative and better name for our new beginning. Our brains were pressurized to be creative enough to pop up ideas every moment. All of us were trying hard. And the outcome was… “Confusion”!

It was when our confused and tired minds were on rest, the logical thinking stroked in. It gave us a new prospective to decide a name. “Why don’t we think about our ultimate purpose, for which we have reinvented our lives?” And the process of introspection began…

It took years for us to give the right angle to our lives; and it had happened because we decided to move out of our comfort zones.

When you are in the comfort zone, the life becomes easy and stagnant. Generally, we find it easy to repeat the activities we are comfortable with. However, the questions arise:

Does repeating things or doing the same activity, add any value to your life?

How can we learn new things?

How can we explore new opportunities?

How can we be more self-aware?

How can we find the Right Angle to Life?


Depending upon the individual’s requirements and interests, there can be several concepts that can help him/her being exposed to the new situations and can give him/her chance to explore new opportunities. So, contemplating on our purpose, we decided to offer three bests of them:



TRAINING (Outdoor/Experiential Learning)


Finally, to give a single platform for these three angles, we discover:

TRANGLE – the right angle to life!


As our logo indicates, we, the team Trangle, are walking hand in hand and progressing towards our goal.

Let’s try and stretch yourself to Travel! Trek! Learn! Explore!… you never know, when you get your right angle to life!




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