How should I make my booking?

On browsing our website, you may get detailed information about the holiday destinations,
popular places to visit, a minimum number of days required, and estimated cost involved. As
soon as you make your mind, we advise you to contact us by email or call and we will help
you booking your package.

Contact number: 9315636075/9805833991

Email ID:

What if the tours mentioned on the website does not fit in my requirement?

A dedicated team of Trangle can help you customize your tour as per your requirement. In
this case, you need to mail us your specific requirement along with your name, contact
details, duration, number of people travelling along and your choice of hotels. We will get
back to you with a customized tour.

How much booking amount I need to pay?

Please send us your name, contact number and your travel/trekking requirements to our
email id. You shall be informed about the advance payment which you should pay for the
booking confirmation. The balance amount can be paid any time before the commencement
of services or as communicated by our team. For more details please check our ‘Terms and

What is your refund policy?

Please visit ‘Terms and Conditions’ on our website for the detailed information about the
booking, cancellation and refund policy. For further clarification, drop a mail at

What is the best time to visit hill stations in India?

October-November and mid-April to mid-July is the peak season for tourists in India. So, the
best time, when you can get less crowd and reasonable hotel bookings are the month of
March, mid-April and September.

Do you conduct any program for corporate groups?

Our certified and qualified facilitators/trainers conduct experiential learning programs or
outdoor leadership programs for corporate groups. These are based on conducting various
outdoor activities based on leadership/learning objectives (team building, conflict
management, time management, communication etc) reflecting on experiences,
abstracting conclusions and its active experimentation.

Do you conduct any program for students?

Yes. Based on their learning objectives, our certified and qualified facilitators/trainers
conduct numerous adventure and outdoor activities e.g. trekking, hiking, cultural tour, fun, games, team building games, activities for communication skills, time management, activities, goal setting activities etc.